More Champion Testimonials – Bowel Screening

Richard Cartwright – 13.12.18

“I suppose it goes without saying you should look after your health at any age. However many ailments seem to manifest themselves later in life such as bowel problems and others in that area, especially in men: bowel cancer, prostate issues etc. I understand are more prevalent in men. read more…

Champion Testimonials – Bowel Screening (part 1)

Are you 60 years and older?
Do you know someone who has received their screening test kit but is undecided on whether or not to take part?

Read some of the informative and inspiring first-hand testimonials below, and make sure you (and those you know) take part!


read more…

Champion Testimonials – AAA

Men aged 65 years and over are routinely invited to take part in the AAA screening programme; screening for AAA can reduce the number of deaths from burst aneurysms [in this age group] by up to 50%.

If this isn’t enough to get you, or someone you know, to take part read some of these champion testimonials: read more…