Champion Testimonials – Bowel Screening (part 2)


Paul Lyon – 1.1.19


“There is always a certain amount of trepidation when a person has to undergo a medical procedure or some form of testing and it is likely that this may increase as one gets older. This was very much how I felt but realised the importance of being involved in such a screening programme. We cannot stop ourselves being diagnosed with any particular disease and the bottom line is that we must face it, regardless of its severity and potential consequences.


I would urge everybody to put their faith in the medical profession and enable them to both improve and prolong our lives. They are highly qualified people who only have the patient’s interests at heart. The ‘Ostrich Syndrome’ is not the correct approach to take; you need to find out if you do have any medical issues and early intervention will only benefit you. Life is to be enjoyed and we must take every opportunity to ensure that we are here for as long as possible.”



Isaac Beniso – 15.1.19


“First of all I’d like to thank the Bowel Screening team for being there to give us this service. I was asked to join the Bowel Screening Programme four years ago which I did immediately. The first time they found a small polyp, which they removed and the second time they found a larger one which they also removed successfully. I’m due to have another test early this year (2019) which I am happy to do so, as I feel good that I am being checked regularly. The only negative thing about it is that you have to empty your bowel the day before which is a bit unpleasant but worth it.

I recommend everyone to take advantage of this programme.”



Marilyn Lester – 20.1.19


“Having suffered with colitis in my late teens/ early twenties and subsequently suffered with IBS the rest of my life I am pleased to be offered the ‘Bowel Screening Programme’ and think of it as a regular check-up.


Unfortunately my friend in the U.K didn’t share my opinion and didn’t take advantage of this free service. When she was diagnosed with bowel cancer it was too late for her and she died within six months of diagnosis.


I would urge everyone who is offered the opportunity to be part of this programme to do so.”